In late July 2012, a friend came to us complaining that he could not find a Russian speaking nanny in the Sacramento area in any local newspapers or websites. After searching for several weeks our search ended on August 8, 2012, with an idea to create a simple and accessible website for Russian-English speaking communities around the world to share ads, events, and life.

To celebrate our first anniversary of Russian Papa, we are doing an overhaul of our pricing for our premium ads along with a special limited time promotion.

Changes here to stay:

  • Posting in one location for one month now starts at only $9.99
  • Posting a premium ad in more locations yields a discounted price per location, up to 95% off when posting worldwide

Limited time promotion:

  • Premium postings will have a flat rate starting at our one month price of $9.99 per location for up to a year.
  • All premium ads that are currently active will have their time extended to the full duration of the associated posting for free.

Celebrate our anniversary with us by taking advantage of our new pricing and special promotion. Thank you for advertising with Russian Papa.